DeLonghi ECP3630 15” Bar Pump Espresso Machine Review


DeLonghi ECP3630 15” Bar Pump Espresso Machine Review

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Pump Up Your Espresso!

Espresso machines that have a reasonable amount of positive traits to offer are almost one in a million. Many people don’t understand that you can find the right espresso maker using the internet, because there are copious amounts of websites to look over. With web pages like, there isn’t any other reason for you to refuse buying an espresso maker. I enjoy how much it adds to my morning ways, and I wouldn’t change it for anything on this planet. If you haven’t ever tried out espresso for yourself before, I would seriously suggest you do so – you’re missing out on way too much!

Espresso Works!

Espresso actually works, it has changed the way I go through my work days on a very large scale. I used to have bags under my eyes and just go through the day like a zombie, but now I completely understand why espresso is looked at as being crucial for many people. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to work through their daily routine (without passing out, of course).


You have access to 15 bar professional pressure settings, and it makes sure that the quality of your espresso is always maintained. There’s a second tier drip tray that’s going to keep your larger espresso needs from spilling over the edges of cups – there’s even a removable 37 ounce water tank. The removable tank is good because you can both clean it and fill it back up with water, and there’s housing around it that’s made up of stainless steel. The priming operations are taken care of by the espresso maker itself, so you don’t have to struggle through that part of the plan. It’s pretty much everything I had ever hoped for in an espresso maker, which I thought would take forever to find.


The stainless steel housing is very important, because it keeps my espresso maker looking better and better every single day. There’s a removable 37 ounce water tank, and while that’s a lot of water to work with, being removable is just icing on the cake. The second tier drip tray is meant to keep your espresso maker clean and polished, because stains and sticky messes are only going to ruin your kitchen. It’s reliable and undeniable, which is why I had no problem writing this review.


There are reviews online that state the water tank was leaky, and while that didn’t happen in my case, it’s something to look out for. Nobody wants to deal with a leaking water tank, let alone one that applies to your espresso maker! It’s probably a one-time deal, though.

My Final Words

I like espresso, and I like espresso makers for providing me with said drink, so I would have to say “yes” to recommending this product. I can finally have the energy I need to handle work, as well as my kids when I get home!