Arboricultural services are an established part of many gardening societies. Arboriculture is the art and science of designing and growing trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers and other plants and living or decorative objects out of wood, timber, or stone. A person who provides arboricultural services must have a formal education in arboriculture, and usually takes a Masters Degree in this field, before entering the industry. The arboricultural society will conduct a background check on its prospective employees to ensure they have a reputable background and that they are fully qualified to offer their arboricultural services.

arboricultural services


The arboricultural society will conduct an interview with applicants where they will seek to find out what specific skills they have, such as the ability to plan and design a garden, as well as what specific skills they need from arborists. The arborists’ services are available on-site at the proposed garden site. The applicant is required to prepare all the paperwork that is required by the society, including insurance forms, before hand and submit them to the society before the arboricultural services commence. Gardeners tend to work on larger plots, and can often spend two or more days travelling to the site. They often choose to use modern tools such as hand pruners, augers and adze pliers.


Gardeners can employ arborists from specialist firms who specialise in garden landscaping and arboriculture. These firms often require experienced arborists who are keen to learn new techniques in order to grow their arboricultural services. Gardeners may have a special relationship with a local firm who specialises in garden landscaping, however most arboricultural services are supplied on an individual basis. Wherever arborist services are carried out, individuals who provide these services must follow strict health and safety guidelines. Some of these can be quite stringent.

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