dirt catcher mat

Keep mud, dirt catcher mat and snow from entering your home with these aesthetically pleasing dirt trapping mats. They are manufactured in Great Britain and use a mix of natural and synthetic materials that effectively trap moisture, dust and dirt, whether from shoes or paws. The top layer of the mat features plush cotton fibres that absorb dirt and mud quickly, preventing it from becoming stuck inside your home. Its non-slip recycled rubber backing also means that it can be used on hardwood floors and carpets without risk of damage.

The Unsung Heroes of Clean Floors: How Dirt Catcher Mats Work Their Magic

The Dirt Trapper mat is machine washable and can be tumble dried to ensure that it retains its functionality for a long time. Its nitrile rubber backing is durable and doesn’t leave behind any marks or stains on floor surfaces, so it will continue to function well in front of your door even after repeated washing and wringing. It can also be cut to any size, so it’s easy to install in other areas of your house too.

For commercial applications, Trimaco’s Dirt Trapper ultra sticky mat can be left outside job site or work area entrances to reduce tracking around a building or workplace. The adhesive mats are made of 30 layers that will grab dirt, dust and other debris/contaminants from the bottom of boots, shoes, carts and hand trucks. They’re easy to clean, too – simply remove the dirty layer of the adhesive mat and reveal a new one underneath for continued use.

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