Round Bezel Collection is one of the most secure engagement ring settings available. The custom-fit metal rim tightly holds the center diamond and makes it far less likely to fall out of the ring. Plus, the smooth edges of a bezel setting provide a modern aesthetic that’s different from other popular ring styles.

Bezel settings can be made for all gemstone shapes, but they’re most commonly used for round-cut diamonds. They have a sleek, modern appeal that makes them ideal for a contemporary bride-to-be who values a clean and minimal look.

Simplicity in Style: Our Round Bezel Collection Spotlight

The simple yet eye-catching design of this platinum bezel set diamond ring is a testament to the versatility of this beautiful setting style. The bezel accentuates the lustrous beauty of the round-cut diamond.

A halo of baguette-cut diamonds adds even more sparkle to this modern bezel setting for a round-cut diamond. The bezel accentuates the shape of the diamond to create a unique and eye-catching engagement ring design.

A bezel setting has a smooth, polished surface that makes it easier to see and clean than a standard prong-style ring. This feature also reduces the risk of the stone getting caught on clothing or other materials, making this setting style a good choice for active women who want to wear their jewelry comfortably.

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