Rifle& Ghaffah – A First Impression

Rifle& Ghaffah are a new kind range for shooting https://therangeatlakenorman.com/ of game on Facebook. This game is very simple and the interface is extremely clean and easy to use. It also has a very interesting interface where you can create your own rifles, add effects and accessories to them and use the ammunition that you obtain from hunting. The main objective of this game is to eliminate all the zombies on your way to the final level. The controls are simple and it takes just a second for you to aim and fire your weapon even while on snow covered terrain.


If you find any problems with the loading process, you can always restart it. This game is quite similar to other similar games that are available on Facebook and the interface as well is very pretty. Although it doesn’t have any sort of ranking system in place yet, the rifles that you acquire can help you in leveling up. You need to go through the tutorial section before actually getting started with the actual game, however once you start playing you will find out how advanced you actually are.


If you are new to Facebook or not very much involved in the social networking community, then you will not have a good understanding of the game or how to get started. The instructions that you receive after downloading the game are extremely helpful and it will explain everything that you need to know in a very easy to follow manner. There are quite a few levels in this game, which means that you are not going to experience any boredom in doing it. Even if you are an experienced player, you will find that you still have some challenges to face.

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