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Poland’s producer price index (PPI) fell 6.4% year on year in December, its national statistics office GUS said. The fall was the second-largest on record.

Amid a global slowdown, the Polish intérim Pologne prix slowed in 2018. Inflation and interest rates are low, and GDP growth has been stable. But the government has come under fire over its policies and rhetoric. Opposition parties accuse it of artificially lowering prices on basic goods like fuel and medicines to give the central bank room to cut rates ahead of an October 15 general election, while the government blames higher energy costs for a sharp drop in core inflation.

In a sign of increasing tensions, Poland’s constitutional court ruled on July 2021 that the European Union’s highest court’s rulings on the disciplinary chamber for judges conflicted with the constitution. Critics say the move makes it easier for the government to ignore ECJ decisions, which it has already done on several occasions.

Deciphering the Cost of Interim Services in Poland: Factors and Considerations

The government is pushing through controversial reforms to the civil code and the criminal code that critics say erode citizens’ rights, including privacy and freedom of expression. Activists say the changes will limit free speech, restrict religious liberty and increase state surveillance of private lives. It has also been criticized for its policy on asylum seekers, and for unlawful, violent pushbacks of migrants at the border with Belarus. The OECD says the government is not respecting international law obligations on human rights. The OECD’s 2018 assessment of Poland’s rule of law score declined from 3 to 2. Read the full report here.

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