Buying a fake ID used to be a dark alley endeavor, but thanks to the relentless evolution of modern technologies, it is now as easy to get a good fake id as ordering pizza. Whether you are looking for a state-specific fake ID or simply want to impress your friends, the internet offers a wide variety of options. The question remains, however, whether you are getting a quality product or a scam. A few simple tips can help you avoid being duped.

What are the most faked IDs?

Most bars don’t think about this, but you can tell if an ID is Good fake ids by giving it the “feel test.” Gently bend the card to see how it reacts. A cheap laminate will bubble, while a real ID will remain firm.

Inspect the Photo

A real ID will have a high-quality, clear photograph of the individual holding it. In a fake photo, there may be artifacts around the edges of the head, and the eyes might look blurry or photoshopped. The lighting should be clear and direct, and the subject should not wear glasses.

Check for UV Features

The best fake IDs will have holograms and other special effects that only appear when the card is held under a UV light. These are difficult to imitate, so if an ID doesn’t have them, you should be suspicious. Additionally, many states have a current seal or phrase that will become visible under UV light. If a hologram is missing, or the state’s specific seal doesn’t appear, you should turn the customer away.

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