If you’re looking for security guard services, look no further than Fire Watch Guards. Founded by certified law enforcement officers, this security guard agency offers you 24-hour service and is licensed, insured, and bonded. All of their guards are 100% certified and undergo rigorous training, including CPR/AED/First Aid certification. To keep you and your property safe, they provide a free quote and guarantee your satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for security guards for your home, business, or apartment complex, you’ll find a quality security solution from Fire Watch Guards.

If You’re Looking For Security Guard Services

Many businesses and institutions hire fire watch guards to help prevent fires and reduce property losses. These professionals perform routine inspections of buildings and inspect fire extinguishers and exits. They also carry supplies and other equipment that can assist firefighters in case of a small fire or in emergency evacuation procedures. To ensure safety in the workplace, fire watch guards should know the layout of a building and how to escape in an emergency. For example, if a business has an automatic sprinkler system, it’s important for employees to know the exact path to the fire exit.

A fire guard’s job is to keep a vigilant eye on a building’s security perimeter to identify hazards and prevent fires before they start. They check electrical wiring for faulty connections, which can cause shorts and sparks. If an electrical wire is not properly grounded, it can cause a fire and burn certain materials. A fire guard’s patrolling also prevents the activities of arsonists. So, hiring a fire watch guard is a smart choice for your company.

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