Custom cast bronze plaques were first used as historic markers, historical monuments, personal awards and trophies. Their lustrous golden-yellow appearance can now be seen in government buildings, museums, parks and corporate settings alike. These plaques are usually made of cast bronze, which is a hard, lightweight metal. Bronze is a naturally occurring metal that can withstand centuries of exposure to light, moisture and scratches. In fact, some of the oldest cast bronze plaques ever found were over two thousand years old!

How to do Custom Cast Bronze Plaques?

cast bronze plaques


It is possible to order custom cast bronze plaques from a number of qualified companies online. There are online stores where you can design your cast bronze plaques and have them shipped right to your door without any minimum order requirements. These companies will normally give you free design sketches of the bronze plaque that you choose, along with the details about its measurements and delivery and installation instructions. Some companies may offer to produce your custom bronze plaques right at your office, but most will require that you send them samples of your project, including artwork, dimensions and so on. Once you’ve chosen your custom bronze plaques and provided them with all the specifications, you’ll be given the go-ahead by these online bronze sculpting companies to create the finished product.

Bronze photo relief plaques are popular among a number of different groups of people. Businesses often use these plaques for recognition purposes, remembering clients and thanking them for their business. Schools also use these plaques to show student recognition or to recognize community achievements. Whatever your purpose for using one of these plaques, it’s clear that cast bronze plaques are an incredibly versatile material – one that can easily span decades of use.

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