After attending a few of our local events this summer it was apparent that many people wanted to get Threadz in their wardrobe. A few friends got a few shirts, while I got a couple of them for gift-giving purposes. I thought it would be fun to go out to New York Fashion week and try out a few of the threads myself. Here is what happened.

Fascinating Threadz Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

The very first thread I saw was this cool looking cardigan. It looked like the new Cardigans from J Brand. I decided to go with a similar design in a different color, as I thought it would be less weird if I got a dark green cardigan instead. While they had a spot at the booth the previous year, this year they finally graduated to their own booth, while they still have a guest appearance at LaLa on closing night. carefully choose the coolest looking vintage, embroidered them with cool designs, and hand them out like prizes. Everyone was asking me where I got my Threadz, which was a bit embarrassing considering it was at an event I worked at the previous year.

The second day I went to the booth and there were already a couple of people there with Threadz on. I guess I caught them off guard, since they were wearing the same stuff I had but I didn’t think it looked all that cool. I don’t really know, maybe it was the color or maybe it’s the cut. Either way I tried it on and looked just as uncomfortable as the first person I saw it in.

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