contentious probate solicitors

Dealing with the death of a loved one and then settling their estate can be stressful enough without disputes over money or possessions. When this happens, you need a contentious probate solicitor with the experience and expertise to resolve it swiftly and sensitively.

Our contentious probate solicitor near me of expert wills, probate and trust lawyers specialise in contentious claims involving estates of all sizes, whether a dispute is about the validity of a Will, actions against trustees or questions over lifetime gifts. We have helped families through these difficult times for over 285 years.

The most common dispute is over a Will itself, with some people feeling they did not receive what they were entitled to under the Inheritance Act 1975. Others may believe the Will was not drafted in the correct way, was tampered with or is invalid due to fraud or forgery.

The Importance of Legal Representation in Contentious Probate Cases

If a person dies without leaving a valid Will, the estate is distributed according to the intestacy laws and that can also lead to disputes. In some circumstances, you may be able to challenge the distribution of an estate under these rules, but it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

The earlier a dispute is resolved, the easier it will be for everyone involved. We have extensive experience in helping families through this process, no matter how complex the estate is or where the assets are located (including international estates and inherited wealth structures such as trusts). We can also help if you are the executor of an estate and you are concerned about how it is being handled.

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