In states that have legalized marijuana, it’s possible to have cannabis products delivered directly to your door. In many cases, customers purchase products via a website or app, provide identification and documentation, and arrange a pickup or delivery time. In some cases, registration also provides access to delivery-only specials or discounts. More info :

How long does CBD take to deliver?

Once an order is placed, it’s typically processed within a few hours or less. This allows the product to be properly inspected, packaged and labeled by staff before being sent out for delivery. Most dispensaries are able to deliver orders within an hour or two of the purchase, but this can vary depending on the location and time of day.

Some dispensaries have their own delivery drivers, while others outsource this work to a third-party company that manages driver scheduling, routes and fulfillment of the deliveries. In some instances, this is a specialized logistics company that operates in a similar manner to a pizza shop, while other times it’s a software system that allows for the management of a large volume of delivery orders.

For example, New York’s first licensed dispensary, Housing Works, launched delivery a few weeks ago in select neighborhoods. Their online system searches for your address, then gives you the option to choose next-day or express delivery. The minimum order amount is $100, and identification is required for all deliveries. Additionally, the system requires that you pay in cash on the delivery.

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