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When it comes to fish, consumers have many options for getting a lean protein into their diet. But deciding what to buy can be difficult, especially with all the labels and terms that get thrown around: farmed, wild, and line-caught are just a few of the choices. And with the rise of seafood fraud—which Oceana recently found to be rampant—it’s even more important to make sure that you’re buying what you think you are.

Luckily, you can easily find high-quality Buy Salmon Online at home-delivery services like Fulton Fish Market, Vital Choice, and Salmon Sisters. These companies partner with sustainable commercial fishermen and follow strict conservation practices. For example, Salmon Sisters—led by co-founders and sisters Claire and Emma—harvests salmon from Southeast and Western Alaska. They also work with fisheries that are Orca Safe, meaning that the fish have been caught well past the point where they might become a meal for Orca and in waters that are carefully managed by Tribal, State, and Federal agencies.

How to Buy Salmon Online: Tips and Tricks

Another benefit of purchasing from a fish delivery service is the variety they offer. Unlike your local supermarket, which may only stock a handful of different varieties of salmon, these services typically collaborate with multiple fisheries and offer a wider range of fish. For instance, Lummi Island Wild sells salmon that is reefnet caught, which is considered one of the most sustainable fishing methods because it allows unwanted bycatch species to be released unharmed into the environment.

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