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In New York, if you are found guilty of speeding or any other traffic violation, the Department of Motor Vehicles will impose additional fines and points on your driver’s license. Those points can also lead to an increase in auto insurance rates.

A NYC traffic ticket lawyer can help you avoid costly consequences by fighting your traffic citation. In most cases, you won’t even need to appear in court as your NYC traffic attorney will do so on your behalf. If you do need to go to traffic court, make sure you have a professional appearance and be respectful of the judge’s time.

The best Nyc traffic ticket lawyer will review your case and determine whether it is beneficial to fight the ticket or not. There may be mitigating factors, such as an unexpected emergency or a general lack of care and attention to the road, that can work in your favor. You should always be prepared to give a reason why you were driving the way you did.

NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer: Your Guide to Protecting Your Driving Record

Most New York City and Rochester traffic violations are handled in the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB), not in criminal court. In TVB, the judge will be an administrative law judge who is experienced in traffic laws. The prosecutor will be an assistant district attorney or a special prosecutor assigned to the case. You can try to convince the judge or prosecutor to reduce the fine or amend the number of points assessed against your driver’s license. Keeping the points off your record can prevent your auto insurance from increasing or keep it at a lower rate.

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