woman attracted to another woman sign

There are several signs that indicate that your girlfriend or wife is attracted to another woman. One of the most common is when she starts flirting with another woman. She may try to sit next to you at a bar or soccer game. Another sign is when she shows up at her friend’s house or at her soccer game and tries to arrange things for you two. Despite this, you shouldn’t assume that she is gay or lesbian – you should listen to your gut and wait. Find out – www.groenerekenkamer.com

This Sign Means That She Is Attracted To You

Other signs of attraction include her body language. She may show signs by shifting her posture or preening. Her eyes may also flutter a bit, which is another sign. She may even tilt her head slightly or raise her eyebrows. These signals are often more obvious if your girl is flirting with another woman. But you can also tell if she is attracted to another woman if she begins fluttering her eyelashes, pointing her chin or rubbing her knees.

If your girl is flirting with another woman, you’ll notice that she tries to appear her best around you. She may adjust her clothing, jewelry, or makeup just to make you look good. This sign means that she is attracted to you. Another common sign of attraction is if your girl gets shy and stutters at the sight of another woman. If this happens to you, this is a sure sign that your girlfriend is attracted to another woman.

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