August 21, 2017

Why Regular Servicing is Important for Your Vehicle.

You’ve worked hard to save enough money to buy your dream car. You love your car and you’ve shown it off to all your friends. You wash and wax it every weekend to keep the paint work in perfect condition. But what about taking care of everything under the hood?

To keep your car in peak running condition you need to ensure that you have your car regularly serviced. But, when you take your car in to get serviced, do you know what your vehicle repairer is actually doing? Ensure you take your car to a reputable vehicle service specialist that has experience with your make and model of vehicle, somewhere like PMW LTD who specialize in BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porche, VW, and Audi.
Before any work is carried out, make sure you talk to your technician so that you understand exactly what they will be doing and how much it will cost.

Here are some of the things that your vehicle service technician may suggest that you have done on your vehicle;


    • Oil Change
      How often you need an oil change may depend on the make and model of your car, and how many miles you have driven. Don’t delay having your engine oil changed, as used and dirty oil can be harmful to your car’s engine. Having the oil changed regularly provides protection for all the moving parts inside your engine against friction, wear, and tear.


    • Oil Filter
      Your vehicle’s oil filter helps remove any impurities from the engine oil allowing it to last longer. You shouldn’t need to replace the oil filter every time you get the oil changed.


    • Fuel Filter
      The Fuel filter removes any impurities from the fuel tank before the fuel gets to the engine. Dirty fuel can cause damage to your engine as well as reduce your vehicle’s mileage. Even if you only fill up with premium fuel, you still need to have your fuel filter replaced regularly.


    • Breaks
      While having your vehicle serviced to maintain its fuel economy is important, safety should be your number one concern. Your breaks should be checked often and replaced as soon as your service technician advises you that it is necessary to do so. Waiting too long to have your breaks fixed is not only dangerous on the road but can cost you more in the long run if you let them get too low. Depending on the type of breaks your car has, will affect the cost of having them serviced.


    • Engine Diagnostic
      An engine diagnostic is like a general health check on the efficiency of your engine. New cars these days are built with integrated computer technology. An Engine diagnostic can identify any running issues and ensure that the engine is running at optimal efficiency. Having an engine diagnostic done on your vehicle will ensure that your vehicle runs well and sounds great.


    • Suspension
      Your vehicle’s suspension is what gives you a smooth ride. It balances out the small bumps and dips in the road. Your vehicle’s suspension is made up of moving parts, springs, hydraulic gas struts and flexible joints. These parts need to be checked for wear and tear. They need to be greased to keep them moving cleanly and to protect them against the cold, water, mud, dirt and anything else that may be damaging to them.


    • Exhaust
      Your exhaust draws the spent fuel gasses and wastes away from your engine. It is vital for your engine to run effectively and it also acts to minimise pollution created by your car. A damaged exhaust can cause your engine to run poorly, as well as sounding louder when you’re driving around creating more noise pollution.


    • Cooling system
      Your vehicle’s radiator is a large reservoir that contains engine coolant. As you drive this coolant is circulated around your engine to prevent it from overheating. In cooler climates, the cooling system may contain anti-freeze. This is to stop parts of your engine seizing up in cold weather.

Whatever you are having done to your vehicle, it is important that you talk to your service technician to understand what you are having done. Ensure your vehicle is serviced regularly to maintain safety, optimum running condition, and to preserve your vehicles resale value.

Happy driving.