June 13, 2018

Twitter Bot Features to Look Out for

One of the ways to make your Twitter account stand out is to make sure it is active. Being active means that you need to post frequently and constantly, have a large number of followers and entice followers to retweets your posts.

However, you can’t do this manually, that is if you have a timeline and you are targeting a large group of followers. You need a tool that can help you handle a large number of followers easily and faster.

There comes a time when you have several accounts that you need to handle. This means that you have to switch between the accounts to post content or monitor what goes on. This is hectic. A twitter bot helps you write a tweet and post it on all accounts without the need to switch between them. Other features of the bot include:

Tweet With All Your Accounts

The bot helps you manage both accounts at the same time. You can even manage up to 5 accounts without having to go from one to another. All you do is access all the accounts from one dashboard. This dashboard also shows you all the statistics from the accounts, so that you can decide what to do when you realize one account is lagging behind.

You can come up with tweets and tweet it using all the accounts at once. You can also decide to comment on a single tweet using all the accounts, right from this dashboard.

If you have a tweet that you need to retweets, you can do so with all the accounts.

Follow and Unfollow

You can use the bot to find users to follow on Twitter. You can choose to follow a single profile with all the accounts. You can also use a keyword to look for profiles to follow, and once you do, you can follow them with all the accounts.

The bot also shows you the people that are following you. You can choose to follow all of them with all the accounts or choose a few to follow.

If you have a profile that you feel is beneficial to your strategy on Twitter, you can choose to follow all the people that are following that particular profile.

If you have followers that are inactive on the platform, you can choose to unfollow them en masse. You can also select a few to unfollow depending on the underlying circumstances.

You can chose to unfollow a profile that you followed on all accounts. You can also select a few to unfollow.

You can choose to exclude specific keywords when following or unfollowing. This means the bot won’t follow any user that has the keyword in his bio, or won’t comment on any tweet with a certain keyword in it.

Favorite Tweets

You can decide to favorite a tweet using all the accounts. You can also use the bot to search for keywords and favorite them using all the accounts or only one.  If you wish, you can decide to favorite several tweets from the same profile using all the accounts. You can still favorite multiple tweets that used a specific keyword in their post.

If you need to, you can clear the favorites from all profiles.

Assign Proxies

You can also assign proxies to the different accounts so that the source is different for all of them. You can do all these using a top Twitter bot that is versatile enough to deliver these features.

In Closing

It takes time to build a reasonable Twitter following. However, with the right Twitter bot, it takes a very short time.