April 6, 2017

The Best Types of Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth has added another layer to technology. Yes, it has been around for quite a while now but the allure of being able to send wireless signals from one device to another will never get old. As time, has progressed, more and more hardware devices have been equipped with this masterful technology. There are a lot of great ones, but the following stand above the rest of the competition.


It is funny, was not the watch invented to allow you to tell time? Over time (no pun intended), they have become small computers. What Bluetooth has allowed watches to do is display timely information for you. For instance, if you connect it to your smartphone you can see calendar items, incoming calls and texts, and emails. In a way, it gives you an excuse to be even lazier as you do not have to reach into your pocket to check that type of information.

Exercise Machines

At first glance, it seems crazy to think that exercise machines would have any use for Bluetooth technology. While this could be true, it all depends on how much of a fitness aficionado you are. Having a work-out machine that has Bluetooth technology on its onboard CPU will allow you to transmit the data to any Bluetooth enabled device that you so choose. Theoretically speaking, you could connect it to your laptop to accurately track your progress on the machine. Some additional applications designed for this use could also be downloaded alongside it. See, there is a use for Bluetooth in the world of fitness.


Neither of the above two devices/machines can approach speakers as far as how much Bluetooth benefits them. With standard speakers (whether they be headphones or a surround sound system), they can only be connected to one device (typically) and oftentimes they will have cables attached to them. Both of these inconveniences are not present with Bluetooth speakers. They allow you to connect to any hardware device you would like; as well as being extremely portable thanks to the lack of cords. While this list does not have a clear-cut winner, if it did it would be speakers. With this in mind, you should do everything in your power to get a hold of some. For a great selection, check out which ones are amongst Speaker Digital’s favorites.


It does not matter how large smartphones get, they can be unbearable to type with at times. How many times have your fingers hit two letters at the same time? Unless you have really tiny fingers, this is probably an issue for you. This is precisely why Bluetooth keyboards were created. This is not referring to the bulky peripheral that you use with your computer or laptop. Designers have created some that fit perfectly in your hand while being big enough to ensure annoyance-free typing. However, they are probably best used in sitting scenarios as it can be annoying to hold it with your phone.

Weight Scales

Yes, this is yet another Bluetooth device that is designed to help with fitness and health. Though, you do not have to be a fitness enthusiast to appreciate this one. Chances are, you spend an adequate amount of time focusing on your weight. Not everyone does, but it is safe to assume that most do. On a traditional weight scale, you would have to manually keep track of your weight each day. Whether this was by jotting it down on a piece of paper or typing it on your computer, you had to manually do it. With a model that has Bluetooth capabilities built into it, the data can be wirelessly transmitted to any device you wish. Accompanying apps will even properly track this data so you can easily see if you are gaining or losing weight.

It is amazing how something so simple has made technology that much sweeter. Either that, or it has given more reason for Americans to get even lazier. For the sake of Bluetooth, focus on the former not the latter. Crazily enough, these few devices are just scratching the surface at the number of ones that utilize Bluetooth technology to perfection. However, for starting purposes, make sure to get your hands on these before any others.