June 21, 2018

Setting Up an Espresso Bar Right in Your Home

The espresso machine is made to deliver cup upon cup of espresso at home. To make the best use of the machine in the home, it is best that you set up a tiny station in the corner of the kitchen with the rest of the cooking items out of the way, probably even out of the kitchen. The only reason is that brewing espresso needs its own time and tools,

Additionally, you do not have to complicate the cooking area with your arsenal of espresso tools. This also makes it easy for someone to operate the espresso machine even when cooking is going on in the kitchen.

You do not need expensive items to set up the perfect espresso bar. It is not a hard task coming up with a professional espresso bar, all you need is space and a surface to set up the station. So, let us get going.

First Things First

The first thing you need to do is to get the perfect espresso machine. This is obvious for well-known reasons. Many homeowners worry about setting up the machine near a source of water and look for taps to set the machine in. Remember that you do not have to use tap water in the machine unless it is properly filtered and softened. You can use bottled water for the task.

Using softened water makes it easy to make an excellent cup of espresso without wearing out the machine.

The Grinder Comes Next

Next on the list is the grinder for the coffee. Many homeowners opt for pre-ground coffee, but this might not be the best option if you are only going for the best.

If you get the grinder, the next thing is to find a way to make things work for you. Your grinder might come with a dosing chamber coupled with the coffee bean chamber that sits at the top. The top chamber holds the beans that you want to grind. The dosing chamber, as the name hints, is where the ground beans go after they have been broken down. The dosing chamber measures the amount of coffee so that you can choose a certain amount.

If you are buying an espresso for a large family, then opt for one with a dosing chamber, but if you are setting up a bar for just the two of you, you do not need to have a dosing chamber in your machine. All you need to grind is a single dose, which is the standard for the machine.

So, how do you grind just the right dose for say, two people? You need a scale to measure out the exact 14 grams of coffee ground.

A Tamper Is Essential

The next item on your list is a tamper. Th tamper helps you extract the coffee properly. You want the espresso to come out of the tamper uniformly. Make sure the tamper does not wobble when using it to make sure the coffee is level.


You need to have a timer for the task. The timer helps you know how long you have taken to extract the coffee. The extraction should take between 20 and 25 seconds. Anything faster should tell you that the coffee is too coarse to come out with fine espresso. If it is slower, then you have coffee that is too fine, and you need to make it coarser.

A Knockbox

While making the espresso, you need to dispose of the spent materials of the coffee grounds. You need a Knockbox for the task. Make sure you empty the box every time it fills so that it does not impede incoming pucks.

Frothing Pitcher

Since you need some froth on the espresso, you need to froth milk. This means you need a frothing pitcher. Make sure you choose the right size depending on the needs of the family.

Espresso Cups

You need to serve the espresso that you have brewed the right way, using cups from My Demitasse. Do not take teacups and use them for this task because you will not have made the experience complete. Instead, the guests will note that something is missing.

The Bottom-line

It takes a few items to come up with the right espresso bar in the home. Take time to get the right items to enjoy this drink at home.