West Bend 2 lb. Bread Maker Review

West Bend 2 lb. Bread Maker Review


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I’m new to bread making machines but have a friend who has one and I love the bread she makes with it.  I figured, if you can make your own fresh bread at home it will pay for itself and you’ll get to enjoy hot tasty bread.  I’m not very technical so I just wanted one that works well, is not hard to operate, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Also, quiet is very important to me. The West Bend 2 lb. model seems to have all that.


  • 2 Lb. loaf pan that is non stick
  • Programmable settings with 12 presets
  • Delay timer to have fresh bread at any time you want
  • 600 Watts power


The machine feels strong and well made, not cheap but sturdy. The bread pan is much deeper than the standard horizontal brad pans.  I’m told that’s a good thing because it doesn’t throw flour all around the inside of the machine.  The pan locks in place very securely as well.  The unit runs very quiet which I generally like but be careful if you are out of hearing range and it beeps because it beeps quietly also and you may not hear when the loaf is done.   The exterior finish is hard plastic and easy to clean and the button layout and lcd screen are well placed.


The WestBend 2lb bread maker has presets for everything you could want and they are easy to choose.  The 2 Lb. loaf is the right size for me and my family, we can make one for dinnertime and everyone has enough.  I might look at more loaf size options in the future but 2 Lb. seems perfect for now. More information at http://www.doughbreadmakers.com.  Having a delay timer is great.  I like to have fresh bread ready to eat when I wake up.  Another plus with this model is that the dough cycle saves a lot of work and time when making crusty breads.   I’m excited about eating chemical free bread at home, cheaper and tastier than what I buy at the store.  It comes with a pretty decent manual which is unusual but I still think I will purchase a good book with recipes.


It’s a small thing, but there is only one paddle included with the pan while some of the new bread makers include two.  Beware that if you make a one pound loaf the settings are the same as for the one and half pound loaf.  Be sure you take the kneading paddle out of the bread immediately after the bread is baked.  There is a tool to make that easy.  The, put it into the bread pan but do not put it back in the kneading cylinder because if it dries it will be stuck hard.


I really like the WestBend 2 Lb.  bread maker.   It’s reasonably priced and makes a great loaf of bread!  I don’t know why I didn’t do this before; it’s just a surprise how easy it is to make your own bread at home.  Great value for the money!  Excellent bread maker.