Top list Dyson Ball Multi Floor vacuum Review

Top list Dyson Ball Multi Floor vacuum Review


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The world is split into two very distinct groups of people. Those who enjoy cleaning their homes and will use it as a type of therapy, and those who can’t stand the time it takes to clean things and would much rather be doing anything else! However, even with that being said, it does not matter which camp you are in, everybody needs to clean and one of the most important tools to have in your arsenal is the humble vacuum cleaner. Today we will be taking a closer look at one in particular, the Dyson Ball Multi Floor vacuum, and seeing exactly what it can do!

Tell me about the features this vacuum cleaner has        

Dyson are a well known and respected name in the world of vacuum cleaners so you already know that you are getting a quality machine that is packed with the latest and greatest features available today. The first of these impressive features is the pivot ball technology. This enables you to enjoy an almost unapparelled amount of flexibility when you are using the vacuum, and you will be able to clean for a long period of time without straining yourself. Another impressive feature is the HEPA filtration that can be found inside the machine. This helps to prevent allergens and bacteria from getting out once they have been sucked up.

What positive points does this machine have?

Many people have stated just how good they think the suction is on this vacuum and that is one of the most important things when comparing vacuum cleaners. The Dyson is able to tackle any amount of dirt on almost any type of floor, so it should be a very good addition to most households. Another positive thing to discuss is the ball technology of this machine which means that you are able to direct the vacuum into small gaps with relative ease!

And what are the negative points too?

For some people who have used this Dyson machine, they have stated that they found the design to be a little cumbersome, and as this is a vacuum on the larger end of the scale you can see what they mean. For most it is manageable and the pivot ball really helps, but for some it may be a little too large to use easily! Some have also complained that the standard of the parts used to construct this vacuum does not accurately reflect the standards of Dyson as a brand, and the manufacturers could have spent a little more time sourcing higher quality pieces!

What’s the conclusion?

Even with the aforementioned negative points, this Dyson machine still makes our top list of vacuums. It is made by one of the most respected and innovative companies in the vacuum world so you know it is going to work well, and the user friendly design of the pivot ball and dust collection system makes for a very good machine. This is one vacuum you won’t mind using even if you hate cleaning!