Product Review: the iRobot Roomba 980

Product Review: the iRobot Roomba 980


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To have an immaculate and spotless home, you have to dedicate a significant amount of your time to cleaning it, and do it as often as possible. Dust and dirt can get in and out of your house all the time, and not vacuuming for a few days can lead to some serious buildups in different areas of the house. Fortunately, there are various household appliances, particularly a robot vacuum cleaner like the iRobot Roomba 980, which can lessen the burden of tidying up.

What does it have to offer?

The Roomba 980 is a piece of advanced technology that can improve the way you do household chores. With its iAdapt 2.0 Navigation equipped with Visual Localization, it has the ability to find its way through an entire floor of your house on its own, without you needing to keep track of it or control it. It includes a camera that allows it to see and map its surroundings, and it stores this information to its system for next use.

If you are not home and you need the house cleaned by the time you get back, you can operate the iRobot vacuum by using its Wi-Fi and Smart Technology features. Wherever you are in the world, whenever you want to, you can switch the vacuum on via the iRobot HOME App and instruct it to clean your hardwood floors, carpets, and tiles, following a 3-stage cleaning process: agitation, brushing, and suction.

The Roomba 980 can run up to two hours non-stop, and it can automatically go into recharging mode on its own when needed. After that, it can go back to doing its job until the task is finished.

Is it worth the money?

For about US$900, you can get your own iRobot 980 vacuum cleaner. Its high-tech features and functionalities are impressive, and it is one of today’s best innovations when it comes to cleaning.

Because of it is a Smart device, it can get a lot of things done without your supervision. You simply have to press the “clean” button on it or on the iRobot App you have downloaded to your smartphone, and it goes to work. No need for you to worry about it bumping into stuff, as its navigation system serves as its eyes, guiding it under furniture, against walls, through doorways, and over humps.

Is there a reason not to buy it?

One thing about this vacuum cleaner that may turn off some people is its cost. Because of its outstanding features and specifications, it is on the pricy side of the vacuum cleaner market spectrum. Also, it can be noisy when cleaning. However, if you are not at home, that should not be a big issue.


Cleaning the house has become a lot easier and faster with the introduction of vacuum cleaners. Today, there are many robotic vacuum cleaners available that make vacuuming even more convenient, but if you want a vacuum cleaner that possesses excellent features beyond just cleaning conveniently, and if money is not an issue, then get yourself this vacuum cleaner. You won’t regret it.

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