Orbitwheel Electric Unicycle for Portable Transportation


Orbitwheel Electric Unicycle for Portable Transportation

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Many people are scared to try a unicycle out of fear of falling off, but nothing was ever mastered on the very first try. People will fall down, whether they are adults or children, it’s been shown several times over the internet as fails, and will continue to happen. However, with the right device you can be certain that a few fails is all that it’s going to take before becoming a master at riding the electric unicycle. Some people choose to purchase more than one as other members in the family have spoken for their liking it and wanting one as well.


The Orbitwheel Company has produced a few separate unicycles as portable transportation devices for the public. They are priced around approximately one hundred dollars and with some online websites, can be shipped for free. This device or unicycle weighs approximately five pounds and can be used by any age. It is recommended that those who are under eight should be monitored by an adult. It is made of plastic and comes in the color grey. It gives more freedom to move around and allows you for more space for those beside you on the sidewalk or streets.

The Positives

There are several unicycles on the market that may or may not live up to the same standards as those manufactured by Orbitwheel. Consumers have raved about purchasing this product after reading reviews at the Electric Rider and other websites. A few consumers have reported that this unicycle is a great trainer for strength, balance, and mobility, even for children. The unicycle is sturdy, but takes some time to get the hang of riding it. Once you have it, people who have purchased this Orbitwheel unicycle have claimed, it is an awesome ride and the assembly was fairly easy.

The Negatives

With attempting to master anything, it’s a proven fact that you’re going to fall at least once or twice, everyone does eventually, even if not by their own fault. Upon falling, some consumers have witnessed plastic pieces breaking off on either side of the unicycle. Although they have not noticed it effecting the operation of the unicycle, it is still a worry that some consumers share along with the assembly issues. When receiving this product, some consumers have experienced missing parts such as screws, when attempting to put this item together. Others have complained that this product is too dangerous and that even though they are durable, many people cannot learn to ride them.

In Conclusion

For years unicycles have been difficult to learn. However, over time there has been moderate changes to unicycles. If considering to purchase a unicycle, whether it be this one or another that you find suitable, be sure that you are ready to devote the time it takes to learning how to ride them. Also be prepared to fall a lot of times before you reach your intended goal. People whom have learned to ride this have said that it is well worth the training fails to ride it properly.