Lucid 14 Inch Plush Mattress


Lucid 14 Inch Plush Mattress

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This exceptional memory foam mattress provides you with all the benefits, such as safety, great value, support and comfort. The mattress is an ideal choice for every customer looking to purchase a high quality mattress at an affordable price. In fact, this mattress is also perfect for people suffering from allergies.

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In the last few years, LUCID has been able to build strong reputation in the memory foam mattress industry. Due to this, many customers have been buying products from the company. The LUCID 14 Inch Plush (Bamboo Charcoal): Four layers is an exceptional product that provides you with great relief when you sleep. In addition to this, it’s also durable and lasts for many years before you need replacement.


This mattress is considered to provide customers with great support and plushness. This has been possible due to the construction of high quality foam layers. At the bottom of this memory foam mattress, you can notice high density support. This layer is about 8 inches high. The next two layers feature memory foam. While one is 2 inches thick, the other is about 3 inches thick. At the top, 1 inch quilted bamboo-charcoal memory foam makes sure you enjoy maximum relief and support.

In case you have sensitive skin, you will definitely love the bamboo-charcoal layer. This layer even regulates your body temperature, and keeps you cool and dry throughout the night. High quality memory foam mattress eliminates all kinds of motion disturbances if you’r sleeping with another person on the bed.


The 14-inches LUCID Plush memory foam mattress makes sure you always enjoy maximum comfort. The construction and design of the mattress focus on providing customers with ultimate support and comfort. With this mattress, you will always enjoy undisturbed, comfortable and deeper sleep.

It’s worth mentioning that sleep is essential for productivity and good health. Thus, you shouldn’t rush into purchasing a mattress before spending some time on research. LUCID has always understood customer requirements and manufactures high quality products on the basis of these guidelines.


The construction of the product ensures strength and durability. When you purchase this mattress, you don’t have to worry about replacements for a long period of time. This memory foam mattress can be used on daily basis without worrying a lot about care and maintenance. The construction of the product is sturdy, and makes sure the memory foam mattress lasts for years.


LUCID provides customers with one of the lengthiest warranties in the industry. LUCID 14 inch PLUSH memory foam mattress comes with a 25 year warranty. However, you should go through the warranty information carefully. You need to understand all the terms and conditions. As soon as the warranty becomes active, you should register the mattress.

There’s no doubt that good sleep lays the foundation for good health and fitness levels. This mattress is easily available on the internet. You can purchase this product online at a discounted price. Before you purchase the product, you should spend a good amount of time on research. It helps you make an informed choice. Spending some time on research can help you purchase the best product.