Creative Sound Blaster Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review


Creative Sound Blaster Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

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If there was one piece of technology you could claim had changed your life what would it be? For your older relatives it could be the advent of the colour television or the fridge freezer, for some it could be the personal computer or mobile phone, but for a few people the piece of technology that has changed their lives is a something very different to all of the above. What I am talking about today is the humble portable speaker. Whilst it may not sound like the type of device that will revolutionise your life, when you think about the possibilities it give you when compared to even 10 years ago the difference is astounding. Thanks to portable speakers you are now able to take your music anywhere you want in a very convenient manor! To help you find the right speaker we are going to take a look at the Creative Sound Blaster.

So what features does it have?

For such a small speaker, the Creative Sound produces quite an impressive performance and that is thanks to all of its features. This audio which emanates from this machine is amazing and this is down to the fact that it uses five drivers which are powered by two separate high performance amplifiers.  The devices size is also worth a mention as this drastically increases its portability. It is no bigger than a notebook and yet within it is a 6000 mAh lithium Ion battery so you know you will get a decent amount of play time. The features don’t end there though as the Creative Sound is packed full of others. It has a built in MP3 player, a voice recorder, a speakerphone, bedtime listening modes and even a Roar enhancement audio mode!

The positive points

This is a tiny speaker which makes it so much more convenient just to pop into a bag than some of its rivals. It is full of clever little features that many other speakers simply don’t have, and even if you just look at the built in MP3 player and the voice recorder, you are looking at two unique features you will struggle to find anywhere else. It is also worth noting that this speaker is considerably lighter than some others in the industry.

The negative points

Customers who have previously bought the Creative Sound have stated that whilst the sound quality is ok, it is not at the levels described by the company selling it. They have also stated that on certain machines, the Bluetooth has a slight tendency to drop out on occasion.


When you look at both the positives and the negatives for this speaker you have to say that it is a decent choice should you be on the lookout for a portable speaker. It is compact enough to fit in a bag, the sound is good enough to fill a medium sized room, and with all of the extra features you will be figuring them all out for months to come!