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Looking around for the right drill can be a thankless task. I found a fantastic professional website which gives unbiased reviews of many drills. I decided to follow this up and compare my findings on the Bosch PS41-2A. I was extremely impressed. A powerful drill that is set up so well it doesn’t snap the heads from screws, a huge problem persistently experienced by professionals.


The Bosch PS41-2A is supplied with two 12v batteries and a very speedy charger. The small but powerful batteries make the tool very light, overhead work is made much easier than I have experienced before!

A ¼ inch chuck is supplied on this drill, a general rule with impact drivers. This comes in very handy when trying to locate bits as the ¼ inch selection is huge in all hardware stores.

The powerful Bosch PS41-2A offers you 930 inch pounds of torque, 2600 revolutions per minute and 3100 impacts per minute. Those are truly amazing statistics for such a small drill. A problem many trades people encounter when using high powered impact drivers is that they have a tendency to snap the heads from the screw before driving it completely home. The way Bosch have intelligently set the PS41-2A up, balancing torque, RPM and IPM perfectly seems to alleviate all of those age old problems.

A huge feature is that it only weighs 1.12lb and is a mere 2.5 inches long so constant use is a dream with this drill. A handy LED light is an added extra and is one of the reasons I am so impressed.

The design is great. It is small and compact, which makes it easier to use than some heavier tools and the trigger is comfortably located.



  • Fits into tight spots enabling you to use the drill almost anywhere
  • The Bosch PS41-2A balances perfectly in the hand.
  • The rubber-coated plastic body feels very comfortable and doesn’t make the palm of your hand sore
  • Great trigger. The variable speeds react perfectly with how hard you compress the trigger
  • Two batteries and a 30-minute charger gives cost effective and quick charging
  • 3 LEDs for lighting in front of the tool enable you to see what you are doing at all times


  • The only concern I really had was the soft case you are given with the drill. I prefer a hard case (personal choice though)


My overall feeing about this drill is that you will struggle to find anything that compares when you put the key facts together, it is priced very competitively against other models that are available on today’s market.

The power in which it drives screws home beats anything I have used before, it is light and comfortable and works well for extended periods of time.

The biggest improvement I found on other models was the speed and ease this model performs with, completely outshining anything I have previously encountered.