Bosch MUM4405 Compact Kitchen Mixer Review

Bosch MUM4405 Compact Kitchen Mixer Review


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The designers at Bosch have come up with an intelligent and pragmatic solution to polishing off those baking and cooking tasks that can be a real chore to complete with their MUM4405 compact kitchen mixer. This unit brings form, function, and fashion together in one compact appliance that can fit in the corner of any counter-top or nestled snugly in your cabinet for effortless storage. More to the point, this  unit goes beyond a simple mixer but is easily transformed into a full-scale culinary center with the wealth of extra attachments that are available for purchase. Bosch has also engineered their mixer with the company’s exclusive mixing technology to ensure that every job is done efficiently and thoroughly. There won’t be any pockets or chunks of forgotten ingredients here, the MUM4405 makes short work of it all in no time.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Bosch put a lot of effort into the research and development of this mixer and the results are nothing short of terrific. They looked at all of the things that could go wrong with the typical stand mixer and assessed the shortcomings that can be inherent in these products, then figured out ways to avoid all of them to produce a superior specimen. The MUM4405 has been built to prevent from overheating, an issue that can be very real when a motor has to put in extra work to power through stubborn and sticky ingredients like bread dough and other items of that sort. If the motor can’t take the heat, then the mixer is useless.

Powerful Motion

Speaking of the motor, the MUM4405 has one that runs on 500 watts of power driving four speeds within the company’s MultiMotion Drive technology, designed for the perfect mix of ingredients using their 3-D mixing system. Sounds complicated but in reality it’s actually very simple, the MUM4405 employs a multifunction arm that relies on unique planetary gearing and works along three drive positions for power transmission that simply can’t be beat. This means that the motor drives moves the whisks, dough hook, or any other accessories that are connected to the hub in an elliptical motion along the circumference of the mixing bowl in order to reach all of your ingredients that are inside. The result is a completely even mix without any areas untouched.

More than a Mixer

The MUM4405 offers so many other ways to be functional in your kitchen. This unit has a wide range of expansion capabilities to suit a variety of culinary demands with an array of accessories that let you turn the unit into an ice-cream maker, a grinding mill, meat mincer, and there are even pasta and pastry making attachments available, among others.

Summing Up

This is a highly efficient and dutiful mixer that lets you take on any recipe with aplomb.  Bosch’s unit cuts out all the hard work and even keeps things neat with the included splash-guard. The price is on the high side, running about $200 so it may not be suited for all consumers. If this is too much mixer for you, and with all of the additional bells and whistles it just might be, check out the other mixers we like at