April 14, 2018

Industrial Printer Buying Guide

Investing in a new industrial printer is costly, and shouldn’t be rushed at all. Even though the price of any of the top industrial inkjet printers might be unnerving, the returns on investment are enormous, as long as you buy the right printer for the task.

Here are a few questions to guide you when choosing the perfect printer for your business.

Why Do You Need the Printer?

There are a few reasons why you might be looking at printer options. One, maybe your current printer is outdated and you need to replace it with something new and better, or you just want to add another new printer to the ones that you have so that you can boost production. Thirdly, you might want to buy the printer after using the services of a third party print shop for several years now.

Buying a replacement

If you are looking to replace an existing printer, you might want to get the same brand or buy a new one. If the current model has served you reliably, then you need to know why you are looking for the replacement in the first place…

If you have had the machine for a short time and it is just not working as you expect, you might opt for a different model. But take care that you choose a model after making the relevant research.

Adding another Printer

If you are planning to add a new printer to the currently available model, then you can add a model that you already have. If the current model is working for you, then it is better to buy another one in the same line. The best thing about buying the same model is that your workers are already familiar with this model and will handle it effortlessly.

If you decide to try something else, you need to know about the different software requirements and how the different models can affect the existing workflow.

The top aspect here is that you have to understand the features of your existing printer compared to the model that you are looking to buy. This makes sure you get more from the new printer.

Your First Printer

If you wish to step up the speed of the production process by buying your first industrial printer, then you have to consider the different kinds of printers available and their prices.

You need to get a provider who offers different models and has strong knowledge regarding the kind of printer you are buying. The seller not only needs to explain the different kinds and their capabilities but help you match the right printer to your current business needs.

Bonus Tip: Consider the Availability of Supplies

You need to consider the availability of various supplies, top on the list being the kind of ink that you plan to use. If this is the first time you are buying the printer, talk to Needham Coding to understand the options you have and get the right printer for your tasks.

The Lowdown

Buying the right industrial printer is all about knowing your needs and making the right choice depending on these needs.