June 8, 2018

Ideas on How to Make your Wedding Great

Weddings are magical and special in their own right. It’s an occasion that remains engraved in the minds of the couple getting married and their guests alike for many years to come. As such, every couple wants their wedding to be the talk of the ages. However, as couples strive to make their big day unique and unforgettable, a lot of things come into play. You are not only thinking about yourselves but also the guests you invited. What works for another couple might not work for you. Thus, it’s important to take into account numerous factors if you want your wedding to be a blast. In this article, we explore some of the ideas that can make your wedding great.

Seating Arrangement

It is vital that you ensure your guests have a great time during the reception. Whether you have set up a buffet or the food will be served family-style, make sure none of your guests struggles to find a table or a place to sit. Hence, it’s important to assign tables and ensure each person sits with people they know or people who are easy to get along with so they can have a great time and converse as the ceremony continues.


They say music is food to the soul, true or not, your guests will need to be entertained. You can hire a band, a DJ, or go the extra mile and bring in a wedding singer. Wedding singers are able to read the mood of the people and influence the atmosphere through their well-crafted skills. http://www.theweddingsinger.uk.comis a good place to start your search if you live in the UK. You can give him or her the list of songs you want him to perform or rely on his experience and let him choose the songs for you. You can also give your guests request cards and allow them to request for any song they want.

Take Care of Kids and Old People

There is a very high likelihood that some of your guests will bring their kids along. It’s important to create a special room or area for kids to enjoy themselves with games, candy, puzzles, slides, and swings among other fun things. However, make sure you assign them a nanny or another person to watch them and ensure they are having fun as well. On the other hand, ensure there is ready transport for the older generation who might want to get back to their hotels earlier as well as those who might stay behind and would like to be escorted back.


As noted earlier, different couples have different ideas on what is unique for them. Even so, it’s important to consider the timing of your wedding so as to ensure its convenient for you and your guests. Garden weddings are ideal during the summer when the weather outdoors is favorable. Additionally, it’s convenient for most people to travel over summer when they aren’t too busy and also because of the nice weather.  If your unique idea is to have a wedding in a storm, you may as well not invite anyone who cares about their safety.

In summary

If you and your guests are having a great time, that’s all that matters. Even so, it’s important to make adequate plans way in advance so as to make sure everything is set before your big day. The ideas mentioned above should set you off towards having a great and a memorable wedding.