August 2, 2017

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Singer

No wedding is complete without somebody to serenade the guests and newlyweds. Well, this is the job of a wedding singer. Professional wedding singers have become par for the course in all weddings and there are lots of them out there. Hopefully this piece will guide you on how to select the best singer for your upcoming wedding.

Ask around

First of all, you need to talk to your mates, family, and wedding planner. Do you know someone who was married recently? Or someone who’s been to a lovely wedding that included a wedding singer? Such people can be a reliable source for good references and recommendations. Even if they have no music background, they know when they’ve had a good time in a wedding reception. In addition, they could tell firsthand whether the singer is skilled and experienced.

Search in the right areas

Next, you need to search for who will sing at your wedding reception. You can search for singers on the internet or ask your colleagues or friends if they know somebody who sings nicely at wedding receptions. Plan this in advance as you’ll have to do lots of research before you can select the perfect singer.

Compare different singers

You shouldn’t settle for the very first wedding singer you find. Of course, there are plenty of singers available and some are even ready to travel for your big day. In addition, you might be lucky enough to find someone who can sing all your favorite songs. However, don’t hire anyone until you’ve assessed several other wedding singers and chosen a quality one.

Are you comfortable with the singer?

Are you compatible with your singer? Have they offered an appointment to discuss your requirements? Do you feel like you can ask all sorts of questions? Being able to get in touch with your singer is vitally important and having trust in them is equally important. After all, they’re going to entertain everyone on your special day.

Check for connection

Does your chosen singer have a connection with their music? And are they passionate enough to deliver an amazing performance? A singer should love their work and this will be reflected in their performance.

Consider the playlist

Can you choose from the playlist and is it diverse enough to fit your needs? For some people, being able to make selections is very important. Knowing that your chosen singer knows their stuff and letting them choose songs for you is equally important.

Choose singer based on your musical style

Can the singer sing your preferred musical style? Of course, they’ll need to sing plenty of love ballads, but can they also sing country, pop, rock, or any other type of music you and your partner love? It’s best to ask them to do an audition before you make your decision.

Consider price

You should expect a good wedding singer to charge a reasonable price. Too cheap is normally a red flag. Professional wedding singers aren’t like karaoke singers you see in pubs or even professional singers in rock bands. Theirs is a specialized area of singing. If you want to avoid disappointment, hire the best singer your budget can afford. Be sure to visit our site for a quote.

Consider the wow factor

Pick a wedding singer that can wow you and all your guests. Can the singer actively engage the crowd? Pick someone who will also be the MC, entertaining people and bringing out the best in both of you. In other words, make sure to choose someone charismatic enough to make people get in the mood of the party.

Ask for testimonials

Can you see other people’s views about your chosen wedding singer? This can be priceless information to have.

A few more considerations

Make sure to book early. You’ll need to book a professional singer 3-6 months ahead of time. If you’re planning your big day in a conventional wedding season, be sure to book much earlier to avoid frustration.

Wedding singers aren’t just there to entertain; they also help harmonize the mood of the event. Now that you know all these tips, you had better start searching for that perfect wedding singer to bring some life to your wedding reception party.