June 20, 2018

Commuting to Work Via Bike: Tips to Follow

The number of people commuting to work each day is increasing, and this has been the trend the past decade. The real reason why this is so is that the advantages of riding to work outweigh the benefits of using public transport or driving.

However, this practice also comes with major questions and challenges that you face along the way. What if you get tired or the bike breaks down? Alternatively, if it rains? What is the best route to take? What about all that traffic?

Today we look at a few tips to help you navigate the waters of commuting to work in the right manner.

Get a Bike that You Can Rely On

If you plan to commute to work each day, then you have to get a bike that you can rely on fully. The bike needs to be able to handle all the weather, regardless of the state of the road. You need to depend upon this bike in such a way that it can get you to your place of work with minimal or zero maintenance.

Mudguards are ideal for the rainy season and muddy tracks, otherwise without these, you end up with mud splattered all over your back.

You also need wide tires to spread the weight and provide a better grip on the road. Wider tires also offer improved comfort when you ride over rough roads. Manoeuvring on wide tires is also easy because you have the stability you need.

Secure It every time

The need for bikes makes thieves be on the lookout for any unsecured bikes lying around. Have you ever thought that one day you might get out of the mall to find your bike gone? This is a common occurrence, and you should not overlook it.

The fact that there are locks for this role is evidence enough that you need to secure your bike. What you need is a high-quality lock to secure the wheels and the frame as well.

The place where you leave the bike also is essential. If the place of work is secure, then it is okay to leave the bike in the lot. On the other hand, find a place that is secure and most preferably has CCTV cameras nearby.

Consider Storage

If you have to carry some luggage with you when you ride, it is just essential that you choose a storage bag that is easy to use. The most obvious choice for most people is the backpack that you can easily swing over your shoulders, and that requires no fastening or fitting.

Another advantage of using a backpack is that you can get one specifically designed for your needs. If you use a laptop at work, you can get a backpack that is meant specifically for carrying a laptop. So, make sure you choose a bag depending on your needs.

However, even though you choose a bag, you need to have a limit as to how much luggage you can carry at any one time. Overloading the bag can lead to problems with balancing on the bike, which can put you at risk of accidents.

Check the Lights

You are legally required to have red rear lights and a white front light before dawn and after dusk. However, you can still use them all the time to improve visibility due to a large amount of traffic on our roads each day.

Make sure the lights are working in advance. Do not wait until you get a hoot before you realize that the lights are not working at all. Additionally, always have a set of additional lights when you leave the house because these lights have the uncanny behaviour of failing when you need them most.

Have Confidence

The other users on the road expect you to rise all the time confidently. This is because the decisions you make affect the way the person behind you reacts. If you show that you are turning left, then be sure about it. Otherwise, you might find yourself in the wrong lane and causing a traffic snarl up.

Final Tip: Have the Right Equipment

The bike might get a puncture anytime, and if it does, you need to handle it in the shortest time possible to proceed to your destination.

For this purpose, you need to have a few equipment, top among them being a bicycle pump. Check out for more tips here regarding the kind of pump.