November 11, 2017

7 Tips for Purchasing a Suit

People often fail to properly take care of their suits, or wear them wrong. Either way, here are a few tips for you if you intend to suit up:

Canvas Suits

As much as possible, purchase canvased suits rather than bonded. The fibers of half or full canvas are much more breathable, and these will return to their default state when wet. On the other hand, a bonded suit is glued and will become crinkly as time passes, which is quite undesirable.

Allow Suits to Rest

Leave your suit to rest for at least two days between wearing. Doing so will give its stretched fabric time to relax and return to its original state. Furthermore, it reduces the wear on stress spots such as the knee and sleeve.

Rule of Thumb

Ensure that your jacket’s cuff sits higher than the base of your palm and lower than the wrist bone. As for your trousers, keep the hem barely touching the top of the shoe.

Correct Length

Make sure that the skirt of the jacket fully covers your seat. After all, short jackets are unimpressive, even for the skinny. As for full-length jackets with a nip at the waist, these look elegant no matter what your frame. It is not the golden rule for no reason, so follow it.

Fabric for the Season

Cotton and linen work best for summer, just as any type of super high twist wool. As for the winter, decent cashmere, tweed, or merino would work. After all, you would wish to avoid sweat patches and shivering, so match the fabric for the season.

Matching Footwear

Leather shoes match suits the best, but sneakers may also work. A good example of leather shoes is oxfords. However, you would want to avoid wearing work boots, as these are unsightly with a suit.

Find a Tailor

To avoid the hassle of finding a suit that matches you, look for a professional tailor who can do the job. You may find it expensive, but you save up since it’s the best option available. Lastly, you may wish to check out the¬†company¬†– SuitsForMe, as they have the best available.


It takes time to find and wear suits correctly, but if you follow these tips, you will look good. Whether it’s bought or tailor-made, as long as you made the right choices, suits will make you look elegant.