August 14, 2017

4 Ways to Bring Content to Your Website

Every website needs content to thrive, and here we’ll talk about 4 ways to have your site or blog brimming with it:  Original articles, PLR (Private Label Rights Articles), re-written articles, and text-spinning.

You can use private label articles to drive traffic to your website, offer quality content, and earn money.

What you need to do first is purchase them in a package, then change them so that they are unrecognizable to someone and look as though they are original, not re-written. Don’t use someone else’s articles as your own word for word. This amounts to plagiarism and is easily detected by plagiarism programs that can spot it in an instant.
Instead of using someone else’s work, rewrite the articles yourself and they will be like brand new. Include the articles with your resource box.

If you don’t change, rewrite, or alter your PLR articles, you won’t get a high ranking in the search engines, and using articles this way is a waste of time, and sometimes money, if you have to purchase the articles before using them.

Besides that, a lot of article directories don’t even permit duplicate content, so it’s safest to use original content or re-written content at all times.

There are a number of ways to make original content from PLR. The first is to combine several articles into one long one. By doing this, you can generate unique articles very quickly.

Some article directories want shorter articles, such as in the 400-word range, while other article directories require longer articles, with a word count longer than 500 words. If you have a stash of articles, combine two short ones to make one long one.

If you’re familiar with PLR articles, you may have discovered that niche articles are sold in bundles, like 15 articles on health, 15 articles on internet marketing, 15 articles on parenting. You get the picture. These packages can help you locate and compile similar articles quickly.

When looking over a PLR package, you should pay attention to the titles, as these are dead giveaways to the content of each article, making your job of selecting articles even easier.

What you’ll want to do once you find these articles is select the parts you like or need, rewrite them, then turn them into one long article.

You can take three articles, combine them into one, and break it into three different parts, using headings or bullets.

Of course, you could always expand on the articles, with an introduction, or a conclusion, or some new information.

Re-writing can be anything from rephrasing it in your own words, to writing a new article from scratch. This works wonders if you’re already familiar with a subject and can breeze through them. It isn’t so easy if you are unfamiliar with the subject and have to do research. Still, re-writing is still easier and faster than writing all unique articles from scratch.

Some people use article-spinners, which is a software program that automatically rephrases an article once uploaded.

This isn’t a very good way to spin an article, because the rephrasing that results can be pretty horrible, if not hilarious. But then again, sometimes a human writer or editor can come up with some pretty horrible and hilarious phrases and articles sometimes.

Writing the articles yourself allows you to inject your own style into the content, which is important when building a loyal customer base, but if you don’t have the time or just don’t want to, re-writing them is the next best thing.

Then we have text-spinning. This is where a variation of articles are written on the same theme, but each in a different way, thus avoiding the notion that one person has written a packages of articles on the same subject. It is similar to re-writing articles, but is sometimes frowned upon because the quality of the articles can vary. Finding an affordable text-spinner could take your website to the next level, but it pays to shop around.

When thinking about buying pre-written articles of any sort, whether original work, PLR, re-written, or spun, always ask to view samples before purchasing. And also see if there is some sort of refund or partial refund in place in the event of an unsatisfied customer.

The only sure way to ensure original content is to write it yourself or run each piece through a plagiarism program like Copyscape. Short of this, you run the chance of obtaining shoddy writing.